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1. Climbing a hill or a mountain and not getting to the top


i. To create a battle that will result to unfinished projects.

ii.To cause inability to overcome a particular challenge in one’s Life.

iii.Release evil spirits that will cause good things to go bad. Get the book to know the other 3 meanings.


2.Going on a journey but not getting to one’s destination


i.Cause obstacle to one’s fulfilment in life.

ii.Cause a struggle in one’s life to make it hard to achieve great visions.

iii.Cause inability to progress and stops one’s progress in life. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


3. Been chased by enemies but unable to run fast instead one runs in a slow motion


i.Cause spiritual oppression in order to remote control one’s progress in life.

ii.Cause a weakening in one’s spiritual life and making it hard to overcome spiritual battles.

iii.It reveals the presence of close enemies especially from one’s family or friends. Get the book to know the other 3 meanings.


4.Fighting with a skeleton, wild animals or beasts but unable to overcome


i.Cause spiritual conflict, activate ancestral covenants or curses in one’s life.

ii.Activate the powers of the grave to wrestle with one’s destiny.

iii.Opening one’s spiritual realm for the invasion for occult, ancestral and witchcraft powers to completely destroy one’s destiny. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


5.Seeing oneself back in the places one had lived years ago or seeing oneself back in the primary, secondary, college or university one had passed out from years ago


i.Release of the spirit of backwardness into one’s life.

ii.Cause spiritual and physical stagnancy in one’s life.

iii.Activate ancestral forces in one’s life to manipulate one’s destiny. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


6.Trying to cross a river but unable to get to the other side


i.Cause inability to overcome challenges and difficulties in one’s life.

ii.The release of diverse difficulties in one’s life, family and business.

iii.Put serious embargo on one’s progress in life. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


7. Eating foods especially different kinds frequently

i.To introduce sickness or disease into one’s life.

ii.To deposit or project moving objects or creatures in one’s body

iii.To cover the glory of someone. Get the book to know the other 28 meanings.


8. Eating raw meats or fish


i.Spiritual initiation into witchcraft world

ii.Serious spiritual contamination

iii.Invoking foundation witchcraft powers from one’s background. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


9. Been chased by police in uniforms or been shot at with guns by such


i.Satanic invasion into one’s life, family and business.

ii.Introduction of witchcraft agents of darkness assigned to terrorize one’s life.

iii.The release of spiritual assassins to terminate one’s destiny or physical life. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


10.Tooth or teeth fallen off from one’s mouth

i.Cause the loss of spiritual and mental strength

ii.Cause the loss of something precious in one’s life

iii.Cause break up in relationship especially in love affairs, marriage, business or friendship. Get the book to know the other 2 meanings.


11. Seeing dead people especially dead relatives or talking with the dead


i.Activation of ancestral covenants to invade and control one’s life and destiny

ii. Release of the spirits of backwardness and failure in one’s life

iii. Block all upcoming opportunities in one’s life. Get the book to know the other 26 meanings.


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Monday, 6 June 2022



I want to bless God for your life man of God, I have been battling nightmares for years and also experiencing ghosts’ movement in my apartment, putting on light and switching it off, same thing with the TV, shadow movement etc. After you helped me raise the divine spiritual altar it all stopped. Glory to Jesus (South African Lady)


Dear apostle, thanks so much for your help. Flies have been disturbing me in my shop but would not disturb my neighbours. It was really affecting my sales. You told me to read a particular Psalm into water mixed with salt and sprinkle it in my shop. It ended the invasion of flies and sales picked up again. Thanks be to God. (A Nigerian Woman)


Thanks you so much apostle. I bless the name of the Lord for your life and for using you to deliver me from the many years of affliction from incubus demons. I was molested sexually every night by an unseen force. It’s was so bad that I will see semen on my body after the trauma. But after the prophetic directions and prayers, I am fully liberated. I have been to so many places for deliverance but nothing happened. I am so happy for my new found freedom in Christ. Halleluyah! (A lady from Kenya)


Dearest apostle, thanks so much for your help. I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. After your prophetic direction and prayers, I went back for test and there was no trace of it again. Glory to Jesus. (A South African lady)


Thanks so much pastor. I give God the glory for using you to set me free. For two years after I lost my husband I couldn’t sleep at night without massive attacks. I have gone for many deliverances and prayers but no solution. I had done 21 days fasting twice feeding on just vegetables but no solution. After reading your articles online and connecting with you, you raised the divine spiritual altar for me and that was the end of the night attacks as I started sleeping like a baby. Glory to Jesus. (A woman from USA)


I want to thank God for your life apostle. My wife could not conceive after three years. I went to my spiritual father who told me the battle was stronger than me. I should just go home and be praising God. The battles affected my life, my wife and my ministry. I went online to get help and I came across your articles.


I came to you and you came to my place to conduct deliverance for myself, my wife and the ministry. To God be the glory, my wife took in and has delivered a bouncing baby boy and my ministry is flourishing now to the glory of God. (A Nigerian Pastor)


Blessed be the name of the Lord Pastor. Thanks so much for allowing God to use you to help the afflicted. My son ran insane and it was difficult to get him cured but after you intervened, within one week my son was healed. Glory to Jesus! (A Nigerian mother)


My wonderful pastor, I have written the nursing professional exams twice and failed until I met you. You gave me some prophetic prayers and you prayed for me and gave me a prophecy that I will never fail again. To God be the glory! I passed the exam and I am now a professional nurse. Hallelujah! (A lady from USA


Thank you so much apostle, I give God the glory for using you to deliver me from incubus demon. It was so terrible that even in the midst of people this demon would have intimacy with me via my anus. But after your prayers, I was delivered by the grace of God. (A woman from UK)


I bless the name of the Lord for your life and ministry. My pregnant wife was been prepared for a CS in the hospital and I had signed already and she told me to go and bring you to the hospital to pray for her. You came, prayed and told me the CS will not be done. In less than 30 minutes after you left, the baby came out on her own. Praise the Lord! (A Nigerian man)


I would forever bless the name of the Lord for your life and ministry man of God. My wife lost 8 months pregnancy after seeing series of birds and cows in our home. She took in again and when it was getting to the 8th months she started seeing those things again. It was when she saw two cows at her front and back while washing plates that I decided to call you. You travelled down to our place to handle the case and to the glory of God, she was delivered of a bouncing baby boy. (A Nigerian Pastor)


Thank you sir for what God has used you to do in my life. I was bound by cobweb spirits for years that I even see it my eyes. I went online to seek for help and I came in contact with your articles. I called, visited you, you prayed for me and that was the end of the problem and my life has never remained the same. Hallelujah! (A Nigerian man)


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"And a man's foes shall be they of his own household" Matthew 10:36

 "And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness." 1 John 5:19

 There is no small or big enemy. An enemy is an enemy. Both have the same mission TO STEAL, KILL AND TO DESTROY John10:10.

 How believers take the enemies for granted still beats my imagination. Jesus was not high on drug when He said, your major enemies will be from your own blood relatives.

 This is something you need to ponder upon. If your own blood relatives can be your enemies, what do you think of outsiders who have no blood ties with you?

 Did you read the above well?


 I have no physical enemies but when such confronts me in the spirit realm via dreams, trance or whatever I destroy without showing mercy.  Why I have been LICENSED TO DESTROY.

 I had an encounter years back in a dream. I fought long and hard with a skeleton and defeated it. Four hefty men came after and I conquered them. A small girl now came also to fight me but I just ignored her and went away. That stupid act cost me the life of my son.

 Listen to me, in the physical realm be a LAMB and a DOVE but in the spirit realm be a LION and a SERPENT. Don’t take chances. Many carry their physical gentleness into the spirit realm when they encounter their adversaries. There are others who are aggressive in the physical but become babies in their spiritual encounters with the enemies.

 Many may not understand my passion for what I do or what I write but the few who had gone through hell in the hands of the forces of darkness can relate with my experience will really appreciate it.

 I hear folks who are na├»ve in spiritual matters tell people no need to fight anything. Jesus had conquered the devil. He is powerless and even useless. Just ignore Him and claim your prophecies.

 They even go further to condemn those who talk about spiritual warfare and deliverance for believers. Their belief is once you are born again, you’re totally free from all satanic powers that Christ made useless on The Cross.

 I have no issues with their beliefs but I have issues with their hypocrisies when they secretly contact us for deliverance. I would like to ask a simple question and I know I may not get answers.

 Apostle Paul said the devil hindered him from going to visit his disciples in 1 Thessalonians 2:18.

 “For we wanted to come to you—certainly I, Paul, did, again and again—but Satan blocked our way.” NIV




 Many believers are in terrible bondage and are not finding things easy and they are told the enemies are not responsible.

 Many are having sicknesses and diseases that defy medical solutions and are told not to think of the enemies.

 Many are dying mysteriously and even at young age and are told it’s the will of God.

 Many are living in hell on earth been terribly oppressed by the enemies and are told it’s their lack of faith.

 Many are having terrible dreams and nightmares and are told it’s just their fears and imaginations.

 So who is fooling who?

 A young lady of 28 years contacted me yesterday and narrated her ordeals to me. How she eats daily in dreams, sees dead people, sees herself back in places she had lived before, sees her monthly cycle and she is physically childless, see snakes which she kills some etc.

 She is a master degree holder no job. Her spouse job is not doing well. She had prayed, fasted and gone for prayers. She would have a temporary relief and the battles would start all over again.

 In the case above someone will tell her it’s her lack of faith or fear causing the problems. Someone would even say she is not born again or living in secret sins. God help us with fallacies.

 I shake my head for so many believers who live in ignorance and further allow ignorant ministers compound and multiply their ignorance.

 Someone said years back,


 I have been a victim of the above for years until I enforced my Kingdom victory over the host of hell. I don't want to learn by tribulation again because the pain is unbearable. I choose to learn by revelation today. I don’t want you also to keep learning by tribulations because many had lost their lives via such. The Bible declares,

 “lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Corinthians 2:11

 This is New Testament not Old Testament like Hosea 4:6 and Isaiah 5:13 which talk about the cost of lack knowledge among God’s people. You can argue with the Old Testament Scriptures but you cannot ARGUE WITH WHAT APOSTLE PAUL WROTE EXCEPT YOU ARE AN APOSTATE OR AN ANTICHRIST.

 The ignorance in Christendom is second to none. THE ENEMIES DON’T PLAY FAIR AND THEY ARE NOT CLOWNS. People are dying in sins, sicknesses, poverty and diverse kinds of spiritual bondage and the best many denominations can do is to BRING COMEDIANS ON THERE ALTAR TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. After laughing they go back home with their spiritual dilemma.


 Many have been dealt with and many more are still been dealt with. If the devil can be so bold to confront our Lord Jesus Christ to tempt Him, I wonder who anyone thinks they are that the devil cannot attack. DEVILS DON’T RESPECT TITLES.

 Many keep wondering anytime they are at the edge of breakthrough, they would start having bad and evil dreams. They miss the breakthroughs and would be told God’s time is the best. But the wise ones would discern the relationship between those dreams and their multiple missed blessings and look for solution. The ignorant ones would believe the half-baked lies from their pastors and remain stagnant for many years until God perhaps shows mercy.

 I noticed in my life anytime I wanted to travel outside Nigeria to go and handle strong satanic cases, I would start having bad dreams. I would have to fight hard before I eventually travel.

 On one of the occasions I started having bad dreams of eating but most especially seeing myself back in the primary school I passed out from in 1987. This particular time, I refused to go into spiritual warfare to see what would really happen. Shockingly my visa was denied.

 It dawned on me I needed to fight and enforce my kingdom victory over the host of hell. I started and I had two strange dreams that made me know my visa would be approved.

 The first one, I saw myself in the compound of the primary school but this time around, I danced out through the gate and continued dancing along the street.

 The second dream, I saw myself trapped in a big building and unable to come out. I would open a door and it would lead to another room in the building. This went on for like four to five times until I got angry and banged the door and shouted open in Jesus name.

 The door opened to the outside world and the people I saw around were aliens. To cut a long story short four to five days later my visa was approved. IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS BUT A DISASTER.

 It’s high time you wake up from your slumber and face the spiritual realities in your life. Stop listening to folks who cannot help you with your dilemma but would tell you don’t be conscious of the enemies. Listen to me, THE ENEMIES YOU ARE NOT CONSCIOUS OF WILL CONFISCATE YOUR DESTINY.

 While we must be conscious of the enemies, we must however be more conscious of the GREATER ONE IN US- THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. Hallelujah!

 You can get any of the UNCOMMON BOOKS  and set yourself free from SPIRITUAL SLAVERY.


 My Jesus still remains,